3 people charged with human trafficking in Schiller Park

February 1, 2013 4:21:06 PM PST
Three people have been charged with human trafficking for allegedly forcing women into a life of drugs, violence and prostitution in suburban Schiller Park.

Police said the suspects used the first floor of a Schiller Park apartment building to hold women captive.

The alleged ringleader is 52-year-old Keith Williams.

According to prosecutors Williams would target poor and homeless women, provide them with drugs and push them into prostitution.

Williams is charged with involuntary servitude, a Class X felony and trafficking in persons.

Ronald Kurek, 49, and Sylvia Topolewski, 37, were in on the scheme as well, according to prosecutors.

Kurek and Topolewski were both charged with involuntary servitude and trafficking in persons as well.

Kurek is also charged with promoting prostitution and Topolewski was charged with prostitution.

While some neighbors say they were suspicious of the activity at the home, others say the charges are a surprise.

Police said the investigation began as a standard investigation into drugs and prostitution and quickly developed into something more complex.

Prosecutors said the suspects often beat the women, withheld food and kept them locked up.