Ads still at issue in 2nd District primary

February 24, 2013 5:49:34 PM PST
Some campaign ads continue to be a major issue in the race for Tuesday's special 2nd Congressional District.

The commercials slammed Debbie Halvorson and departed candidate Toi Hutchinson for their positions on gun control.

The ads are sponsored by a political action committee funded by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Sunday a group of ministers counter-attacked, saying they were insulted by the ads and resent outsiders coming to the district and trying to influence the way voters cast their ballots.

"We're insulted to the extent that we're saying we want you to immediately take your ads off the air for they don't speak to our condition," said Bishop Lance Davis, New Zion Christian Fellowship.

Two of the three leading candidates addressed the issue of those ads.

Alderman Anthony Beale was not a target of the commercials, but he says voters are telling him they're outraged by the ads and he predicts that anger will be seen in the voting.

Halvorson voters are turned off by the commercials and Sunday she tried to tie her opponent Robin Kelly to the ads.

Kelly was also out campaigning.

She didn't talk about the ads, but when asked about a split in the African American vote said she believes people no longer vote based on race or gender.