March 21, 2013 10:07:52 AM PDT
Search through your cupboards and you may find some of mother nature's secret health remedies.

Holistic pharmacist and health author Sherry helps reveal some natural solutions to common health issues like a sore throat and congestion to leg cramps, and energy boosters. Her tips are something you probably haven't heard. And they are aimed at saving you time, money and sparing you side effects.

Buckwheat honey can help soothe a throat and calm a cough
Buckwheat honey contains antioxidants and nutrients that help speed healing; it also lubricates and soothes the throat, and also helps calm a cough. For minor throat irritation, whether due to colds, allergies or dry throat, try throat drops that contain natural honey and glycerine. Be aware that some throat lozenges contain anesthetic ingredients such as benzocaine, dyes or gluten, which can cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

Nasal washing can clear your sinuses
Congestion whether due to a cold or allergies can make breathing and sleeping difficult. Over-the-counter decongestants (such as Sudafed) can cause a number of side effects including racing heart, increased blood pressure, nervousness and insomnia. A safer way to get relief from congestion is to use a nasal wash with essential oils, such as eucalyptus to clear away the mucus and hydrate your nasal passages.

Homeopathic medicines can help with leg cramps
Whether you are a weekend warrior or a pregnant woman, leg cramps or Charley Horses can be downright painful and disruptive to your sleep. The good news is that there's a natural remedy in your pharmacy that relieves those leg cramps quickly and safely.

Natural energy boosters
People often turn to stimulants to increase energy, but these products (like Red Bull, and others) only provide a temporary boost and they can be very dangerous, especially for those with underlying medical conditions. Stimulants can increase blood pressure, and cause palpitations (irregular heart beat), insomnia, and anxiety. Safer alternatives to increase physical and mental energy include green tea and supplements that contain ribose, a natural ingredient that helps provide sustained energy and improve muscle recovery. Also, to keep energy levels high, eat small, frequent meals with low GI carbs, healthy fats and lean protein.


Sherry Torkos is a pharmacist, author, and certified fitness instructor. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science in 1992 and practices holistic pharmacy in the Niagara region of Ontario.

As a leading health expert, she has delivered hundreds of lectures to medical professionals and the public. She is frequently interviewed on radio and TV talk shows throughout North America and abroad. Sherry has authored 14 books, including The Benefits of Berries, The Canadian Encyclopedia for Natural Medicine, The Glycemic Index Made Simple, Winning at Weight Loss and Breaking the Age Barrier.