Sara Gilbert, Linda Perry engaged

April 9, 2013 6:27:09 AM PDT
Actress and co-host on ''The Talk'' Sara Gilbert is engaged.

On ''The Talk" Monday she announced she and her girlfriend Linda Perry are planning to tie the knot.

Gilbert said Perry popped the question in a park about a week ago. The elaborate proposal included a performance of "Missing You" by John Waite.

Perry is a songwriter and producer.

"I had always said that I thought "Missing You" should be our song, and she thought that's so weird, that's a break-up song that can't be the song," Gilbert said as she told the cameras on "The Talk." "So she's been saying for a while, 'I want to have this picnic with you, let's go have this picnic.' And I'm at a park, why does she want to have a picnic? OK, let's go have a picnic."

Gilbert said a nearby guitarist, who she thought was just a street musician, started playing a song the couple likes.

"She goes, I'm going to ask him to play this other song. But it's really obscure and this guy wouldn't know it, but magically he knows it," Gilbert said. "I'm kind of, like, daydreaming and I'm thinking 'God, you know, if I ever proposed to her, this would be an amazing way to do it, but I would maybe have like string instruments and do, like, this whole production. And I'm going, 'But would I do it here?'"

Gilbert said just then a group of nearby picnickers, who were really a hired string group, joined the guitarist in a song.

"Then she goes to her Backpack, and she pulls out some t-shirts. And the first t-shirt says 'Will,' and she puts on another t-shirt, she puts on another, says 'You,' 'Marry,' 'Me.' The last one is a question mark. She gets a ring and I'm like, 'Well yeah, if after that spectacle, I'm like, yeah," Gilbert said.

Perry had also invited the couple's mothers and some friends to witness the proposal.