Lisle complex evacuated after major flooding

April 18, 2013 (LISLE, Ill.)

It is a flooded ghost town as nearly 1,000 customers are without power and at the apartment complex it is literally living up to its name.

Thursday night at the Towers of Four Lakes Village in unincorporated Lisle it is one big lake. The apartment complex was evacuated as residents scrambled to safety from the rising flood waters.

"We have an indoor parking garage and every single car that was in that garage is completely totaled, completely flooded," said Williams Martin,

Mother Nature's fury was on full display under the weight of the raging waters and lakes overflowed.

Volunteers were sandbagging as the rain continued to fall on this already saturated community.

"The last time I seen it flooded like this was about 1959 or 1960," said Angelo Parziale.

Cars and several homes were submerged under water as streets became rivers and the only mode of transportation was by boat.

Lisle and Woodridge Fire officials went door-to-door checking to see if any residents were trapped inside their homes.

"A lot of people missed work today because they couldn't get to work, the police wouldn't let anyone in or out of the complex," said Jose Rojas.

Displaced residents took refuge at Benedictine University, not knowing what they will return home too when the it's finally safe to assess the damage.

"At one point we were up to 120 people in here, now we're probably down to 100. When they look at the Army cot, they're not real happy about staying here, but really they don't have any other options," said Joe Dilette, Red Cross.

Village officials are strongly recommending residents not to return to their apartments because standing water can carry bacteria and it also varies in depth and that can get residents and cars swept away.

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