Color your style for every occasion

April 23, 2013

He explains how to wear your true colors in his new book "Color Your Style."

    How to discover your 5 True Colors:

  • Essence (your version of white): the color that harmonizes your skin tones and reveals your most genuine self. Find it by identifying the lightest shade of the open palm of your hand. Wear it when you are having an intimate conversation, on your wedding day or anytime you want to be completely open and honest.
  • Romantic (your version of red): the color that reveals your passion, sexual energy and romantic self. Find it by matching the color of your flushed skin. Wear it on a hot date, a romantic evening or anytime you want to show your passion.
  • Dramatic (your version of blue, green or purple): the color that shows your power, charisma and sense of authority. Find it by taking the shade of the veins in your wrist. Wear it on a job interview, for a formal presentation or anytime you want to make a strong impression.
  • Energy (your version of blue, green or brown): the color that restores your energy. Find it by isolating the darkest part of your iris (not the ring around your iris). Wear it when you want to be calm, self-possessed, and centered, such as at a family reunion, a meeting with your child's teacher or a corporate retreat.
  • Tranquil (your version of blue, green or brown): The color that helps you relax and release stress. Find it by pinpointing the lightest part of your iris. Wear it when you want to recover from a challenging situation, such as a long day at work, and when meditating or practicing yoga.

More about David Zyla:

Starting in 2001, Zyla held the position of head costume designer for General Hospital, Port Charles, and most recently All My Children for which he received the 2010 Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design Emmy Award. For twenty years, Zyla has also designed shows for Broadway and regional theatre productions, as well as commercials and film. He has collaborated with some of the most recognizable faces of contemporary culture including Hillary Clinton, Tom Hanks, Carol Burnett, Neil Patrick Harris, Susan Lucci and Kelsey Grammer among many others.

David Zyla's website:

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