Jonylah Watkins death: Suspect being questioned in infant's shooting death

May 26, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Jonylah Watkins was struck by a bullet in March 2013 as she sat in a minivan with her father in the Woodlawn neighborhood.

With the news of an arrest, Jonylah's parents held hands in silence, while their preacher spoke for them.

"Everyone wished it could be sooner, but we know for a fact that police are diligent and hard working," New Beginnings Church Rev. Corey Brooks said.

Brooks says much of the police work involved daily cooperation with Jonathon Watkins.

Police sources have said the 29-year-old was likely the intended target. Watkins has a lengthy criminal past and was a gang member.

Brooks says if there is any good that has come from Jonylah's death, it's the fact that her father is turning his life around.

"The fact that he is working now, the fact that he is getting a GED all of that stuff was not happening before," Brooks said.

Brooks credits community members for giving Watkins a second chance.

In the meantime, Brooks says Jonylah's dad will continue to do his part to close the case.

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