Lakeview running store catches brazen iPhone thefts on cameras

July 1, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Instead, they're accused of stealing the iPhones of store employees at a North Side running store.

Universal Sole is a small Lakeview running store, although it's big enough to have four security cameras inside. Because of that, employee Matt Tugender never thought three men that entered the store Sunday were up to no good.

"I finished up with my customer and went straight to the three gentleman. I asked if I could help them, they said yes," said Tugender.

As seen on the surveillance video, two of the guys spent several minutes toward the back of the store asking Tugender questions about running shoes.

The third man hung out in the front, with other customers in and out of the store.

The men stayed for at least 10 minutes before making their move. One grabbed an employee's iPhone hidden under a blue notebook near the front counter, then a couple minutes later, another thief reached over the counter, unplugged Tugender's iPhone and walked off with it, all caught on tape.

"We emailed all the photos of the folks to police within an hour," said Joel Feinberg, owner, Universal Sole.

Owner Joel Feinberg and his employees are hoping their sophisticated surveillance system will catch the thieves.

"They've definitely done it before, they will do it again, I hope we catch them and prevent it from happening," said Feinberg.

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