Addison man Kurtis Worley charged with murdering wife Martha Worley

July 29, 2013 (WHEATON, Ill.)

Kurtis Worley, 33, is now charged with the murder of his wife, Martha.

Prosecutors say the murder happened Friday in Addison.

Monday morning, the suspect made his first court appearance in Wheaton.

Bond was set at $3 million. Prosecutors detailed the chain of events that led to Martha Worley's death and they say that her husband provided police a full recorded confession.

Flowers and candles sit on this Addison home's doorstep, as the neighborhood continues to mourn 39-year-old Martha Worley, who was allegedly stabbed by her husband late Thursday night.

"People say they're in shock. I was completely shocked," said neighbor Jim Ilosvay.

Meanwhile, the accused husband appeared in court for the first time Monday. Prosecutors told the judge how Worley, by his own admission, stared at his wife's sleeping figure for several minutes before stabbing and pummeling her in the head.

Prosecutors said Worley was upset that his wife, who'd asked for a divorce, refused to have sex with him "one last time."

Worley also allegedly stabbed his 15-year-old stepson after the teenager tried to come to his mother's aid and then tried to kill himself.

"There are no words to explain what a big heart he has," Evelyn Villegas said of the stepson. "He risked his life for his own mom. He's amazing."

Monday, neighbors said their main concern is Martha Worley's three children, aged 15, 12 and 9. A collection is being started to help them out in any way possible.

"She came around (Sunday) with a sympathy card," Ilosvay said. "People are signing it and giving money. (I) talked to some neighbors across the street and they were crying, couldn't believe because they are so family with all the kids and stuff."

A close friend of Martha Worley, who was with the family just prior to the stabbing, said the children are now living with Martha's sister.

Martha Worley is helping people, even in death. As an organ donor, she was able to save five lives. Her funeral will most likely be scheduled for Friday or Saturday.

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