Fat letter from state of Florida to 11-year-old angers mom

October 8, 2013

Lilly Grasso is on the school volleyball team. Her mother says he eats healthy foods. She was stunned when Florida health officials sent home a letter suggesting she's overweight.

The letter is the result of a body mass index screening. It's designed to help fight obesity. But some experts worry the screenings do more harm than good.

"I would like to see BMI testing in schools banned," said Claire Mysko, spokesperson, National Eating Disorders Association. "For those who are already insecure about their weight, these tests can potentially trigger an eating disorder."

"This whole thing is stupid. It's just not useful. It can hurt people. It can break their courage," said Lilly.

"To give a kid a letter telling them the rest of their life they may be overweight or be obese because of a measurement you took one day - it's just not fair," said mom Kristen Grasso.

Florida officials said in a statement the screenings "provide valuable information to parents and help ensure that students are healthy... and ready to learn."

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