New signs regulate school traffic around Ernie Pyle Elementary school

FRESNO, Calif.

"Its chaos around here cars are honking and beeping the kids are walking in front of cars, there's just no respect for the kids in the neighborhood," Parent Dawn Barba said

Dawn and her husband Tony are among a group of concerned parents. "I don't want to see my kids get run over by a car, let alone anybody else's kids." Tony said.

Dawn and Tony as well as other parents asked their city council member, Clint Olivier for help.

"So I contacted our public works department and I requested they conduct a traffic study in front of the school," Olivier said.

The study confirmed the obvious problem that there is too much traffic. Vice Principal Robert Roellke said there has been a surge just this year in parents driving their kids to school.

"I guess parents are more concerned about safety and are driving their kids instead of allowing them to walk," Roellke said.

In addition to physical dangers from traffic, Dawn Barba says angry drivers are another concern.

"There's cars that speed through here, they get really upset with other traffic, they honk the horn they get belligerent with other family members there's a bunch of kids around I don't want my kids hearing all the profanity that's being shouted," Barba said

It's hard to say if all the signs will make a difference, Roellke said the key is educating the parents.

"We try to get everybody to slow down, relax, get here early don't be in a rush, expect to spend another five minutes here, then let your child out, and we'll try to avoid any accidents," Roellke said

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