Haunted Chicago

October 30, 2013 2:58:54 PM PDT
Some of Chicago's most haunted places, according to local legend.

Chodl Auditorium in Cicero
Legend has it that a teacher/director haunts this west suburban theater. According to the story, he died of a heart attack on the opening night of West Side Story and never saw his production. Students have claimed to have seen the man in the theater, especially after long rehearsals.

63rd and Wallace in Englewood
Now the site of a post office, 63RD and Wallace in the Englewood neighborhood is the location of one of the city's most horrific crime sprees. Serial killer H.H. Holmes' hotel was there during the 1893 World's Fair. Holmes, made famous by the book, "The Devil In The White City", admitted to killing 27 people, but that total could be as high as 200.

Couch Place in Chicago's Loop
The alley right next to ABC7's State Street Studio has also been called "death alley." Legend has it that faces of ghosts are seen on the brick walls that are the back of the Oriental Theater, which is the former site of the Iroquois Theater. In 1903, a fire at the Iroquois killed more than 600 people. Couch Place is part of many tours of the city that includes stops at haunted spots.