Chicago crime rate down overall, police say

November 1, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Chicago saw a 15 percent drop in overall crime numbers through October, compared to the same period last year, Chicago police said.

Police also said that murders are down 20 percent and shootings are down 24 percent.

The murder rate is the lowest since 1965.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy talked about the success of the police strategy of saturating high crime areas with additional police officers during a city council hearing. Although they acknowledged the success of the police strategy, some aldermen struggled with the high costs.

"Chicago Police continue to implement a comprehensive strategy, saturating high-crime areas with additional officers, using intelligence to prevent retaliatory gang shootings, moving officers from administrative positions back to the streets, and partnering with the community," said McCarthy.

The department spent $93 million on overtime, $60 million more than planned.

According to a Chicago Tribune review, although crime numbers dropped, Chicago has the highest number of murders of any big city in the country.

There were 83 fewer shootings in October 2013 than in October 2012 and 105 fewer shootings than in October 2011.

Also, Chicago Police have recovered more than 5,800 illegal guns so far this year.

"While there has been less crime, fewer shootings and fewer murders in Chicago this year, there's certainly more work to be done and no one will rest until we reach the ultimate goal of zero crime. To reduce violence for the long-term our state and our country need better laws to keep illegal guns out of our communities and punish the criminals who carry them," said McCarthy.

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