Dogs, owners enter world of DNA science

November 5, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Dogs and their owners have now entered the world of DNA science and it's happening at a new apartment community called, The Springs at 127th Street in Plainfield.

It's a gated community of 340 units and that adds up to about 130 dogs in this complex. And now all those dogs are being swabbed for DNA samples.

''We're collecting DNA samples to eliminate the waste problem on our property,'' said Meghan McLean, manager at 127th Street.

DNA samples will be sent to Bio Pet Laboratories in Knoxville, Tennessee and the information will be put on file.

Now, as we all know, almost all dog owners do pick up after their dogs, but for some reason, some just can't do it.

And when that happens and the maintenance crew here finds the doggie "doo doo" Just to make it easier on you viewers, we have substituted some chocolate candy for the real stuff. And this is where the plot thickens.

''When poop is found that also is sent in to our laboratory and when there's a match made the resident is contacted and fined by the community,'' said Mike Stone, president of PooPrints Chicago.

You've got the poop-itraitor?

''We do,'' Stone said.

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