Arizona construction worker slapped: Contractor caught on video appearing to berate, slap woman

ByAdriana Loya, KPNX
Sunday, May 21, 2023
Contractor caught on video appearing to slap female worker
Brent Hospelhorn, with BPH Construction, was caught on video appearing to slap Guadalupe Solano in Phoenix, AZ.

PHOENIX -- In Arizona, Phoenix police are investigating after a viral TikTok video shows a man striking and screaming at a female construction worker.

He's identified as the general contractor at a site where condos are being built, KPNX reported.

Or rather, he was, until this incident came to light.

In a video, insults and profanity can be seen coming from a man supposed to be the leader at a job site in north Phoenix.

Brent Hospelhorn, 46, is seen accusing a female employee of scratching a countertop at a condo complex under construction.

The general contractor of BPH Construction also berated other employees.

Guadalupe Solano, a wife and mother of three and an electrician of seven years, is still in shock.

She said the incident escalated within seconds. After he hit her hand, he came back a second time, getting in her face and pushing her.

Solano called Phoenix police.

After two hours, they finally arrived, she said.

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The department said they spoke to Hospelhorn on-site, and cited him for misdemeanor assault.

He was not booked into jail.

"It's absolutely deplorable, and we had him removed from the site immediately," condo management said.

The owners of the condo complex under construction said they terminated his contract Wednesday.

Hospelhorn could not be reached for comment.

Social media influencer and activist Carlos Eduardo Pina said these types of attacks on the Latino community are frequent.

"Very good that they were able to record it," he said. "And I hope it gives other people as well the courage to speak out as well.

And that is what Solano said hurts the most, feeling powerless when dependent on a job, hoping for respect and dignity.

Phoenix police said detectives will be following up on the matter.

In response to some questions circulating online, the Phoenix Police Department dismissed any notion that officers displayed a lack of action in responding to the incident.