Black artist's flyer for Bucktown show mistaken by some for hate group propaganda

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Thursday, November 3, 2022
Black artist's show flyer mistaken by some for hate group propaganda
Flyers for Black artist Hyero's upcoming Bucktown show have been mistaken by some for propaganda from white supremacists or other hate groups.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Black artist who goes by the name Hyero has been working hard to get a Bucktown gallery space ready to host her new exhibit this weekend. And the exhibit has garnered much more attention than originally expected since the 23-year-old distributed flyers around Chicago for the show, which is called "White Only," with a drawing of a noose.

"Racism is alive and prevalent as much as we act like it doesn't exist. I live it every day," she said.

Some critics have complained the flyers suggest they come from white supremacists or some other hate group.

"I believe people should understand what a noose on anything should represent. It represents the blood of my ancestors," said a concerned resident, who did not want to share his name.

The flyers contain little information but offer a QR code which links to the show's website. There, the artist offers some explanation of her philosophy.

One of the prominent works in the show is a depiction of Hyero and her sister when they were children being detained and questioned by police wearing white hoods just blocks from their home, something that is based in a real experience.

Some of the flyers for the show were attached to street light poles in Hyde Park but someone apparently removed them. Hyero said she understands why people might be offended, and said art is intended to provoke emotional responses.

"I think all art should evoke some emotion. Whether that should be sadness or could just be happy," she said.

The show is set to open Friday.