Aurora 9-year-old girl honored for saving mother's life in medical emergency

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Wednesday, March 15, 2023
9-year-old Aurora girl honored for saving mom's life with 911 call
Nine-year-old Aria Leman of Aurora was honored for her quick thinking and bravery, which saved her mother's life during a medical emergency.

AURORA, Ill. (WLS) -- A 9-year-old girl in Aurora is being honored for her quick thinking and bravery, which saved her mother's life.

In February, Aria Lamen and her mother Caron were home alone when Caron suddenly passed out as she was talking to her daughter.

Aria called her father, then quickly called 911 for help. She stayed on the line with the dispatcher, checking on her mother's breathing and following the instructions she was given.

"For her to do what she did and stay so calm is amazing," Caron Lamen said.

"I was like panicking, but then I thought, 'Is this going to get me anywhere? Is this doing anything?' I'd rather just get her help than stay in a panic this whole time," Aria said.

Aria Lamen of Aurora saved here mother's life during a medical emergency.

So she composed herself, making sure first responders had all the information they needed to save her mother's life.

Aria kept a watchful eye on her mother until an ambulance arrived.

"I've taken calls for 30 years," said Tracie Whalen, the 911 dispatcher who took Aria's call. "I have never seen a kid ever do as well as she did. I don't see most adults do as well as she did."

That bravery and courage was honored by the city of Aurora and her family.

"Your courage and calmness made all the difference. Congratulations, young lady," said Mayor Richard Irvin.

"Seeing me on the floor was not easy, I'm sure it wasn't at all," Caron told her daughter at the ceremony. "But you did such a great job and I'm super proud of you and I love you. You're my little nurse, you're my little angel."

Her mother ended up spending 16 days in the hospital and is now home, thanks to the life-saving efforts of her little girl.

"I just care about telling kids that they need to learn these things, that way their parents or anyone is safe," Aria said.