Chicago drivers fed up with potholes

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Pothole season is here, and there's no avoiding it.

"You are veering left. And then it is dangerous because you are veering all over the street," said Laura Dini.

If you hit one, you can feel it.

"You feel like your car is going to fall to pieces," said Tahirih Metzger.

Sometimes the potholes can be more than bumps in the road. They can also throw your budget out of alignment.

"It's a mess. I have messed up two tires," said Mark Hill.

In February 2016, AAA said the average American driver reported spending $300 to repair pothole-related damage to their vehicles. AAA's 2016 study found pothole damage cost drivers in the U.S. $15 billion in vehicle repairs in the previous five years, or $3 billion annually.

Workers at Ashland Tire & Auto on Chicago's North Side are keeping busy.

"This is a pretty steady time of year. Cars are coming in almost all day long," said Jack Gordon, who runs the tire shop.

Even car mechanics aren't spared from the damage.

"On my own personal car, I have three of them this year," Gordon said.

Chicago Department of Transportation officials expect to get more calls from drivers as we head into the heart of pothole season.

The department typically has up to 30 crews a day patching potholes.

"They will fix the streets today. The next week, the same holes are there," said Morris Frazier.

The city is asking drivers to report potholes with the new, modernized 311 City Services system. Click here to access 311 City Services.
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