'The Bachelor' Peter faces Fantasy Suite ultimatum from Madison

ByJennifer Matarese WLS logo
Tuesday, February 25, 2020

NEW YORK -- This week, our "Bachelor" Peter got to take his remaining three women on the Fantasy Suite dates! But before he could do that, we go back to the last rose ceremony where Madison decided that before they took off for Australia, she needed to tell Peter that she was saving herself for marriage. But with that revelation, came an ultimatum. She wanted Peter to know that she might not be able to be with him if he slept with anyone else during these dates. Peter said it wasn't fair to the other relationships, but he didn't want it to negatively affect her. Tricky. Also, for the first time in the franchise's history, all three women are staying in the same hotel room, and able to talk to each other about how their fantasy date went afterward.

Hannan Ann's Fantasy Date

Peter and Hannah Ann started off their day in Australia by riding jet skis, and then having a beachside conversation about how his time in her hometown went. They made out on the beach.

At dinner, Peter told Hannah Ann that he could see the two them together for a lifetime and he reiterated, very strongly, that he still feels like he's falling in love with her. He said he has no doubts about her. Peter told Hannah Ann that her dad told him not to tell her that he's falling in love with her unless he was absolutely sure, and he said he was so that's why he told her. The bit of time that we did get to see of them inside the fantasy suite was very steamy.

Victoria F. Fantasy Date

Peter started his time with Victoria by telling her that he trusts her, despite the disastrous time they had in her hometown. They went for a helicopter ride to see Gold Coast, Australia. They landed near a beautiful waterfall and they talked about how they have to really fight for their relationship.

Later, they continued to talk about how they never give up on each other. Victoria asked Peter to talk about how they communicate, and she tried to explain why she is the way she is. She said it stems from a past three and a half year relationship where she was never asked about her feelings. She said it made her suspicious of his intention when he asked, but now she understands him. Victoria started to feel like she wasn't giving Peter the answers he wanted and she freaked out and started crying. He tried to explain that he wasn't judging her; he was just trying to get to know her. Despite the never-ending drama, they had a great time in the fantasy suite. The best part was when Victoria returned to the hotel where the other women are staying and told Madison she felt like her date with Peter was "productive." Madison got up and left the room!

Madison's Fantasy Date

Peter met up with Madison on the beach, showed her a building, and told her they were going to climb to the top. They put on some gear and scaled the exterior all the way to the top. It was an incredible view and they got some amazing pictures together, seemingly on top of the world.

That evening, they met up at a sanctuary for the dinner portion of the date. Peter is worried to tell Madison that he was intimate with the other women, despite Madison's ultimatum of sorts. Madison tried to explain her viewpoint, and Peter said that they are different, but he respects her. She said she couldn't accept an engagement if he slept with the other women. Peter said, "You would give up forever with us and walk away," and Madison said that she couldn't envision him down on one knee to her in six days after sleeping with someone else. Peter said he wasn't comfortable with the conversation, but Madison said she needed to know. He told her he had, "been intimate." He didn't say if it was with one woman or both. Madison sat there stone-faced as Peter said that he could still see himself and Madison at the end, but that he could see it with other people too. Madison said that she felt hurt and let down. She felt she made her expectations known and that he would lose her if he made certain decisions, and he made them anyway.

Eventually, Peter asked Madison if they could talk. She cried into his suit and Peter said that he was sorry. He started crying too and said that he knew how hard this process was for her. Peter told Madison, "I can't lose you." She said she didn't know if she could get past this. In the end, she just walked off alone without Peter.

Preview of Next Week

Victoria and Hannah are seen standing alone with Peter looking on. Would Madison show up for the rose ceremony? Then, it's time for The Women Tell All.

Preview of Finale

Peter is seen saying that his heart is broken, and his mom is crying saying "Don't let her go, that's what love stories are made out of, bring her home, bring her home to us." Then there is a clip of Peter begging for forgiveness at someone's front door.