Elmhurst schools will start with all-remote learning amid COVID-19 pandemic

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Elmhurst schools to start with all-remote learning
Elmhurst's school district has voted to start the school year on time, but with all-remoate learning only.

ELMHURST, Ill. (WLS) -- The kids are getting in a little more summer fun before back to school.

But back to school in Elmhurst is really more like back home, now that the district has voted to begin the year with all remote learning.

"If we prepare our teachers and our families and our students, remote learning could be really successful," said Saraqh Golarza, parent.

For many parents who have to be at work, having their students learning from home creates a big problem.

"Not knowing what is coming and how to plan has been difficult for them as well as for parents. Now we trying to figure out what we're going to do," said Caroline Heflin, parent.

The district initially planned to have students back in school, at least part-time, but like a lot of other districts, they changed course. They now plan to start with students learning from home, something the teacher's union supports.

"Nobody in the country has really tried remote learning on a full-time basis, but our teachers are committed to making this work," said Teacher's Council President Max Schoenberg.

The school board heard from all sides Tuesday night before voting to keep kids learning from home for at least the first couple months.

Superintendent David Moyer said in a statement "...different interest groups seem to have committed to a forced, either-or-choice of health and safety vs. student growth and well-being... we are working harder than ever, with little guidance, to find the option that meets all of these competing complexities."

Mia Nevarez said she'd prefer her daughters Ariella and Amariss were going to school in person, but she is concerned it's not safe.

"At this point I feel like going to school not having a plan is not as stable as staying home and doing what we're doing now," she said.

Classes in Elmhurst are scheduled to start on time a week from Monday-giving teachers and parents next week to prepare for full time remote learning.

In the meantime, the Illinois Department of Public Health has released a FAQ for Back to School.