'Kill him': Text mom allegedly sent to lover, hitman in conspiracy to murder husband in The Bahamas

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Wednesday, August 9, 2023
Document reveals text mom allegedly sent in conspiracy to kill husband
Lindsay Shiver is accused of telling a hitman to kill her husband, former Auburn football player Robert Shiver, in The Bahamas murder for hire plot.

A court document obtained by ABC News revealed the shocking text message Bahamian authorities allege a Georgia mother of three sent in a plot to kill her estranged husband while on vacation.

"Kill him" was the WhatsApp message authorities say 36-year-old Lindsay Shiver admitted in a police interrogation to sending an alleged hitman, along with photos of her husband, Robert Shiver, who Bahamian police say became fearful for his life and the lives of his children.

Detectives alerted the former Auburn University football player to that alleged murder plot only after Lindsay's alleged lover, Terrance Bethel, became a suspect in an unrelated burglary, and his phone was obtained in a search warrant. Prosecutors say they discovered those text messages between Lindsay, Bethel and the alleged would-be hit man, Farron Newbold Jr.

All three declined ABC News' request for comment.

"It's been my experience, that people who plot to kill their spouses almost ultimately always get caught, because they don't know what they're doing," said ABC News Contributor Brad Garrett.

Documents show the Shivers were divorcing after 13 years of marriage, with Robert citing adulterous conduct and Lindsey accusing him of physical and mental cruelty and acts of domestic violence.

In 2020, Shiver posting on social media: "The key to a perfect marriage, is having two imperfect people, who refuse to give up on each other."