Bud Light beer cans spill on Texas highway in deadly 18-wheeler crash

HOUSTON, Texas -- A load of empty beer cans spilled on the road during a deadly 18-wheeler crash in Texas.

The truck was headed south on Interstate 45 when it suddenly left the roadway, Harris County deputies said.

The driver crashed into the guardrail, a grassy area and a tree. Authorities said the impact sheared open the trailer portion of the 18-wheeler, spilling empty Bud Light beer cans.

At the time of the crash, authorities said the driver was not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from the cab. He ended up on the freeway, and suffered apparent trauma to the body, broken bones and facial injuries, according to deputies.

A witness at the scene told authorities he heard a portion of the crash before the 18-wheeler went off the road.

It's unclear if that sound was a tire or malfunction.

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