Bernie Sanders holds rally in Summit

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Saturday, March 12, 2016
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A huge crowd came out to see Bernie Sanders in Summit, Ill., where he spoke for about an hour.

SUMMIT, Ill. (WLS) -- Swaying to "This Land is Your Land," Bernie Sanders took what he calls his "political revolution" to the suburbs in Summit, Ill. Friday. The Vermont senator is hoping his Michigan momentum continues here in Illinois, a Hillary Clinton-friendly state.

A huge crowd came out to see the candidate speak for about an hour.

"I started this campaign at 3 percent in national polls, 3 percent," Sanders said, sitting down for a one-on-one conversation with ABC7 Eyewitness News before the rally. "Since then we have won nine states."

Sanders is working on increasing poll numbers with minorities. On Friday, he released new TV ads aimed at Chicago African Americans a Latinos. One features former mayoral candidate Chuy Garcia while another uses a Chicago Public Schools principal to criticize Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a Clinton ally.

"Secretary Clinton is very proud to have the endorsement of Rahm Emanuel. You know what? I don't want Rahm Emanuel's endorsement," Sanders said.

The mere mention of Rahm produced boos in this audience, as did Donald Trump's name. He also offered his thoughts on the UIC Trump rally protests.

"Well there is anger. But just because there is anger, he is helping to foment that anger. You don't call Mexican rapists or murderers or drug dealers," he said.

Sanders plans a stop at Rainbow PUSH in Chicago Saturday morning and then a rally in Champaign in the afternoon.