PHOTOS: Best US cities to live in

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1. Austin, Texas.
2. Denver, Colorado
3. San Jose, California
4. Washington, D.C.
5. Fayetteville, Arkansas
6. Seattle, Washington
7. Raleigh, North Carolina
8. Boston, Massachusetts
10. Salt Lake City, Utah
11. Colorado Springs, Colorado
12. Boise, Idaho
13. Nashville, Tennessee
14.  Charlotte, North Carolina
16. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.
16. San Francisco, California
17. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
18. Madison, Wisconsin.
19. Grand Rapids, Michigan
20. Houston, Texas
21. Sarasota, Florida.
22. San Diego, California
23. San Antonio, Texas
24. Richmond, Virginia
25. Omaha, Nebraska
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PHOTOS: Best US cities to live in1. Austin, Texas.

Itching for a change of scenery? U.S. News & World Reports has released its 2017 ranking of the country's 25 best cities to live in.

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In compiling the list, the magazine examined each city's job market, cost of living, crime rate, quality of education and quality of healthcare.

There are three cities in the Midwest on the list: Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn. is No. 17; Madison, Wis. is No. 18, Grand Rapids, Mich. is No. 19 and Omaha, Nebraska rounds out the list at No. 25.

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