Blindness won't stop high school running back Adonis Watt

PHEONIX, Ariz. -- We all deal with heartaches and obstacles that are hard to cope with.

Maybe we all need to have the strength of freshman running back Adonis Watt.

Busting it hard to prove he's worthy, he loves playing the position.

"Everybody in my family is an athlete, in some shape, way and form, so I mean, yeah," said Adonis Watt.

The freshman is big, tall, physically and lays his body out to move the chains while legally blind.

"Some of these kids use to lay each other out in the grass you know, just tackling each other. So I was thinking if you just add some pads and a helmet on me I can't be stopped. So, I might as well see what I can do," said Adonis.

"I was wondering, 'How are you going to manage? How do you know when you're outside, simple basic things. But he was always ready to play. And he said, 'Mom, if I get hurt, it's not because I'm blind, but because it's a tough sport," said Brophy freshman football coach Scott Heideman. "He's fearless. I'm the one that's fearful. He's teaching me as much as I can possibly be teaching him."

Adonis wasn't born blind. He lost his eye sight at the age of 5 due to rare congenital glaucoma.

"I don't think I cared to be honest. I took it as if it was all the time like that," said Adonis.

Playing since he was young, Adonis wasn't going to let blindness dictate whether he'd play football.

"It's his passion and it's something he researches, listen to the games. He's always listening to NFL Network," said Veronica Watt, Adonis' mother.

Getting help from his teammates, he doesn't let what he can't see put fear in his mind and heart.

"I get the ball. I remember the play and just sprint down the line and hope I get as many yards as possible," said Adonis.

Adonis has been through surgeries to correct his vision and there is a chance it could correct itself.

"It's exciting because I really want him to be able to inspire other kids, who are visually and blind," said Veronica.

But if it doesn't, he's OK with it.

"I just didn't really care. I just think it's an everyday thing now so," said Adonis.

Adonis envisions greatness of being an elite, unstoppable force and suiting up on NFL Sundays.

His vision, his courage, is something we can all admire.

"Go do what you got to do. Live life because you only live once," said Adonis.

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