Clothing company founder helps refugee women

CHICAGO -- Shahd Alasaly is the founder of Blue Meets Blue, an ethical clothing company that employees refugee women, and it's based in Chicago. The 4-Star-Chicagoan is providing women with jobs, empowerment and hope.

Blue Meets Blue is an ethical clothing line based in Chicago that employs refugee women in the United States. Many left their war torn homes in search of something better for their families and themselves. By purchasing the clothing, you are providing refugee women in the United States with jobs, empowerment and hope.

The clothing company launched last month. They are currently working from a few locations, mainly out of homes, but Shahd hopes to rent a larger space near where refugees live. Some of the women used to be seamstresses back home. The funding is based off of the clothing sold. It started as an out-of-pocket from Shahd, her husband and co-founder.

The name "Blue Meets Blue" signifies seeing blue of ocean and blue of sky. Shahd has send a skirt to Michelle Obama hoping she will hear about the company and its efforts.

For more information, head to the website