Boston Marathon bombing survivor helps 5-year-old boy run again

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A woman who survived the Boston Marathon bombing helped a fellow amputee, five-year-old Jude Hill, run again.

Jude is from Peoria. Both of his feet were amputated following a lawnmower accident two years ago.

Jude's parents searched for high-tech prosthetics to help him be the active kid he had been.

"It's a tool. Jude has the drive and the spirit. But he needs the tool to be able to do that - to be that active," said Jen Hill, Jude's mother.

The Hills achieved their goal with help from the Heather Abbott Foundation.

Abbott met Jude in Chicago on Friday.

"It was really important to me to give back in that way and help other people get what I have," Abbott said.

Jude has a passion for sports. Based on how fast he ran on Friday, it looks like he's ready to play.

Jude Hill and Heather Abbott.

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