Boy, 11, honored after quick action saves mother's life

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. -- Emergency responders recently honored an 11-year-old boy for his quick action after finding his mother unresponsive in a bathtub.

Heather Doyle called her son Landon Clemmer a "little hero" for calling 911 after she began having a seizure at their home in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Doyle told WTVC-TV she was giving her youngest child a bath, while Landon played computer games in his bedroom next door.

Landon said he heard a loud thud and went to check on his mom and sister.

"I asked my mom what happened, but she didn't respond and then I started hearing weird noises coming from the bathroom, so I went in there and saw her head going underwater," he said.

Hamilton County Emergency Medical Services officials said Doyle had a seizure and fell over into the bathtub.

"My mom always taught me not to panic so I just pulled her out and then called 911 when I realized she was having a seizure," Landon said.

He said he knew to lay his mom on her side because his friends' mom had a seizure before.

"After a little bit, she got up. She wasn't talking, she was just walking through the halls," said Landon.

Doyle said emergency responders "started asking me questions like who is the president, how old are you, and I was completely blown away, I had no idea any of the answers," said Heather.

She said she felt like her mind was wiped clean, and she only remembered waking up to paramedics in her driveway.

Paramedic Sabrina Johnson said Landon did everything right that night.

"He did better than most adults would have done in that situation because a seizure is a scary thing to see and then especially when you see your mom having one when she's never had one before, that's pretty scary," Johnson said.

Landon told his mom he hopes to be a firefighter when he's older.

"It's like that's what he was made to do, he's there to handle stuff like that. He's very protective over me and his sister," Doyle said.

Hamilton County EMS officials honored Landon Wednesday with a certificate.

Doctors remain unsure why Doyle suffered a seizure. She said many scans came back clean but there are still a few more to run.