'She travels all the time': Chicago woman dies after 13-hour overseas flight to Dubai

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Friday, June 7, 2019
Family of woman who died after flight still searching for answers
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Though it's unclear what exactly caused her death, her cousin, who lives in Houston, said she's traveled abroad before, and was always in good health.

HOUSTON, Texas -- A 40-year-old Chicago woman described as healthy and vibrant died suddenly minutes after her plane landed in Dubai.

Though it's unclear what exactly caused Brandi Hodges' death, her cousin said she was in good health and has traveled abroad before.

"My sister called me at approximately 1:30 this morning," said Gloria Ray-Banks.

Instead of sharing the good news that the plane had arrived safely in Dubai, Banks said her sister had devastating news.

"She called and started crying hysterically and I said, 'What's wrong?'" Banks said.

Hodges was aboard an Emirates flight from New York to Dubai with Banks' sister.

When the plane landed, Hodges began complaining that she didn't feel well as they walked off the aircraft.

"So they sat down, and Brandi fainted," recalled Banks. "So then, my sister went and got one of the flight attendants."

That's when Hodges woke back up, and was given oxygen and ice only for her to faint again shortly after.

Paramedics loaded Hodges into an ambulance and Banks' sister said they never actually left the airport.

"After so many minutes and they didn't pull off, my sister looked back to see why they had not left. Brandi wasn't back there," said Banks.

Hodges had been taken to a medical room inside the airport where paramedics used an automated external defibrillator to try and revive her, but were unsuccessful.

Banks said it's going to cost about $6,000 to get Hodges' body back to the United States.

She said the process is on hold due to the holiday Eid al-Fitr, which has closed a lot of businesses in Dubai.

It won't be until Sunday when shops start to open back up.