Rancho Cucamonga woodworker's patriotic passion, making flags that are works of art

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Friday, February 12, 2021
Woodworker's patriotic passion, making flags that are works of art
Local Rancho Cucamonga man turned his garage into a workshop to produce wooden flags!

LOS ANGELES -- Brian Oien has taken on a special patriotic project: turning ordinary wood into extraordinary, handcrafted American flags.

"I took a neighbor's flag and actually asked to borrow his flag and he thought I was crazy. Well what are you going to do with it Brian?" said Oien.

He took the flag so he could study it carefully, taking a close look at the placement of the stars and the stripes.

"I literally got to work the next day on this thing," said Oien.

He turned his garage into a wood shop, with the patriotic project giving him purpose. It also allowed him to stay home with his daughter as she battled and survived cancer.

"My why in life is my daughter," said Oien.

His company has sold over 800 American flags to date. He builds one flag each day.

"I have these flags pretty much all over my house," said customer Alex Pena.

"Little things like this can really bring us back centered and we'll get through it," said Kendall Crawford, Oien's neighbor.

"There's hope. There's hope for everybody. Depending on whatever differences that we can come together as one," said Teresa Oien, Brian's wife.

"Being very patriotic, it doesn't just run through my blood, it runs through this country and I want to see it run through everyone's home with an American flag," said Brian.

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