Mom faces backlash after girl's reaction to burnt doll goes viral

PHILADELPHIA -- A video of the little South Philadelphia girl reacting to her burnt baby doll is going viral.

Two-year-old Quinn's mom, Brittany Lewandowski, posted a video on Facebook, writing: "Quinn put her baby doll in the broiler for a nap, I apparently didn't know and decided to make cookies."

The video shows Quinn's horrified reaction when her mom showed her the melted face of her doll.

Brittany tells Action News that she smelled something when she preheated the oven, and found the poor doll inside and happened to be rolling when Quinn walked in and reacted.

She says people have been mom shaming her, calling her cruel and accusing her of traumatizing her little girl.

But Brittany sent us video of Quinn today, happy and holding a new doll.
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