Verizon apologizes for throttling firefighter data speeds while they battled wildfires

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Northern California Congressional members are demanding the Federal Trade Commission investigate Verizon's throttling of firefighter data speeds.

Verizon slowed data connections while firefighters battled the Mendocino Complex Fires. The company later apologized and lifted all the caps.

Firefighters say their internet was unusable and lives were jeopardized.

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"That information includes things like weather forecasts. We use it to access the internet for things like plume modeling for hazardous materials events to understand which way the wind is going to blow," said Santa Clara County Fire Captain Bill Murphy.

Congressional members want to know if Verizon violated any FTC rules.

Meanwhile, state lawmakers held an informational meeting Friday about what happened. They may introduce legislation to ban throttling of first responders when there is an emergency.

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