Dog on mend after allegedly being thrown out Garfield Park window during fight

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017
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Fetching Tails Foundation

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A dog found injured on the West Side after allegedly being thrown out a window is on her way to good health after a Chicago police officer came to her rescue.

The dog, Callie, is on her way to a foster home and will not be available for adoption for months as she recovers.

A Chicago police officer said he pulled up to a home in Garfield Park on Sunday and saw Callie lying on the ground in an alley. She was barely moving, the officer said, so he called Animal Control.

He then went inside to respond to the call that brought him there. The officer said a boyfriend and girlfriend on the third floor were having an argument. The officer said the children in the home found the stray dog over a month ago and brought her home. The man in the home kept threatening he was going to throw the dog out the window, the officer was told. On Sunday, he picked up Callie and threw her out the window, the officer said.

The officer said the man was arrested. The officer then went back down and saw Callie was moving and Animal Control was still not there. So after she hid under his car, the officer picked her up and brought her to Animal Control to get medical attention.

Callie was picked up from Animal Control Monday by the animal rescue shelter Fetching Tails Foundation.

According to the shelter, no eyewitnesses have come forward in the alleged attack, and the suspect will face a misdemeanor charge.

FTF says Callie suffered $10,000 in injuries, including a fractured neck, ribs and pelvis.

The shelter says Don Levin, owner of the Chicago Wolves, is covering Callie's vet bill.