Canada Goose coats good for warmth, attractive to thieves

CHICAGO (WLS) -- With the freezing weather, regular Chicagoans and thieves alike have their eye on warm but expensive Canada Goose coats.

The coats appear to have been targeted in four burglaries in the last year at Moosejaw in Lincoln Park. Thieves have stolen about $100,000 worth of goods.

With temperatures in the teens and below, Chicagoans look for ways to stay warm. Despite the high price point, Canada Goose coats sell year round.

"It looks good, it feels good on, it's got really lines, really neat colors, and the fit is really stellar on a lot of their coats, but it is arguably the warmest coat that we carry," says Andrew Lund of outerwear store Uncle Dan's Outfitters.

Canada Goose has gotten celebrities endorsements and even shows up in movies and on runways. With its popularity and high price tag, thieves may have been after the parkas at Moosejaw, which has been robbed four times in the last few weeks.

Shari Papczun bought hers for the warmth and considers it an investment, so she takes precautions.

"You know what, I'm just gonna put it on this chair, and who's going to steal it from the gym? And I was like, you know what? That's just kinda dumb. So I took the extra minute and put it in a locker," Papczun says.

Barbara Kaufman has her eye on another high end line but for now is staying warm and carefree.

"I just don't wanna spend the money on it. I would also be really fearful that I would lose it," says Kaufman.

While REI does sell Canada Goose at some stores, one of the managers of the Lincoln Park store says warmth does haven't cost that much.

In order to stay warm you need a combination of down and waterproofness. Down will do an excellent job of insulating, but waterproofness will not only block the water, it will block the wind, and sometimes it's the wind that chills you to the bone.

"Layers are critical in extremely cold temperatures, as is getting indoors to warm up when you can," says Martin Moritmer of REI.
ales of Canada Goose jackets go up during the cold weather but also in the fall when they appear to be popular among college students preparing for the frigid Chicago winters.
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