Caught on video: Car tears up Jackson Park golf course

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A car tore up a South Side golf course, running into and damaging objects but swerving to avoid hitting people.

"It took a few seconds to realize, wait a minute, this is not right," said Brian Pino.

Thursday morning Pino was celebrating his friend's birthday with a round of golf at Jackson Park. It took them a few minutes to process what they were seeing: a driver in a normal car on the course, driving quite casually.

"He was knocking stuff over with his car. Just driving knocking flags over, knocking like the 150 markers right over in the middle of the fairway," Peno said.

Pino recorded the driver passing right by them, and figured out he had no interest in them.

"He wasn't interested in people. He didn't look at us at all. He passed us like three times. He didn't look at us. He didn't try and hit us," he said.

Chicago police arrived and also drove on the course to stop the man and arrest him.

And Carl Spackler would be proud; Pino said the grounds crew was quick to get the course back in shape.

"Because the flags, once he runs them over, are kind limp and they're bent and they mess up the grass. They cut a new hole they put a brand new flag in. Patched that new hole up. Done," he said.
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