Strangers send cards to help dying girl celebrate her Christmas

Addie Fausett is only 6-years-old, and is facing what could be her last Christmas. But one thing that has put a smile on Addie's face have been the countless cards she's received from people across the world.

Six year old Addie Fausett may be celebrating her last Christmas this year, but has been touched by thousands of cards she's received from strangers.

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Last year, an MRI revealed that Addie had extensive atrophy to her brain. "(Doctors said there was) roughly a year for her left, and that could go sooner if the wrong part of the brain decides to go," Tami Fausett, Addie's mother, told ABC News.

Fausett of Fountain Green, Utah, first noticed something was wrong when Addie was 3 years old and stopped growing. "We had taken her to the doctor because we noticed her behavior started to change and she was kind of shaky with her hands," Fausett told ABC News. "She started to slow down a little bit. When she was closer to 4, she fell off the growth chart."

Addie's mother noticed she stopped growing at age 3, and today only weighs 25 pounds.

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At just 25 pounds, Addie isn't well enough to play with other kids. So her grandmother came up with the idea for people to send cards to Addie and her sisters Fausett, 10, and Audree, 7, and to tell Addie that they were from her friends. Now everyday, the family heads to the post office to pick up hundreds of cards wishing Addie well. The heartwarming gesture has brought a big smile to Addie's face.

"She loves it. She just smiles," Fausett told ABC News. "And some of them are her boyfriends. One little boy put that he was her boyfriend, and another little one she said, 'This one is my boyfriend.'"

Addie has received cards from across the country and all over the world, including countries like Saudi Arabia and Germany. The cards also serve as a comfort to Addie and her sisters, who are dealing with the death of their father and Fausett's estranged husband on November 29.

"It's not a lot, but that card means so much to Addie," Fausett said.

You can mail a card to Addie at the address below.

Addie and Her Family
P.O Box 162
Fountain Green, Utah 84632

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