Family of man killed in Carol Stream police shooting demands full video of incident be released

Tuesday, February 13, 2024
Calls grow for release of unedited suburban police shooting video
Isaac Goodlow was shot and killed by Carol Stream, IL police earlier this month. Now, his family is demanding unedited video be released.

CAROL STREAM, Ill. (WLS) -- There's a new response Monday from the family of a man killed earlier this month in a Carol Stream police shooting.

Isaac Goodlow's family said they were devastated after watching parts of the video captured from that day. They claim the video showed that Isaac did nothing wrong.

"It's horrific. They lied. What they did was unjustified," said Kyenna McConico, Goodlow's sister.

Goodlow's family sharing their pain after watching portions of body camera video from the day he was shot and killed by Carol Stream police. The family said he suffered from bipolar disorder, and they believe he was having a mental health crisis at the time.

"After watching the horrific body camera video, my cousin, Isaac Goodlow, was murdered by the Carol Stream police officers in his own home in cold blood," said Genia Reynolds, Goodlow's cousin.

Carol Stream police said on Feb. 3, officers were responding to a domestic violence call and walked into what they described as a "tense" situation. Goodlow's family said, based off the video they were allowed to see, he was home alone in his apartment when multiple officers entered.

"No one was in the house with him, it was him and only a dog," McConico said. "Isaac was sleeping. He was sleeping, so we don't know. It was no victim in the house."

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The family said the video did not show Goodlow throwing any object at police, unlike what they say police originally told the family.

"They just came in there and started shooting. Immediately. They didn't announce their selves," one family member said.

ABC7 reached out to Carol Stream police for an updated response, but has not hear back. But in their most recent statement issued on Friday, they said in part, "We support that this opportunity was provided to Mr. Goodlow's family because they are entitled to gain an understanding of what transpired that morning."

They added that they "remain committed to sharing the most relevant video footage with the public as soon as possible."

But the family is demanding more from the police department.

"We expect the name of those officers. We expect the video to be released to the public. We will not stop until we get justice for Isaac Goodlow," Reynolds said.

Goodlow's family's full statement:

"The family's worse fears were confirmed during the viewing of the manicured, redacted and heavily edited video they were allowed to see on February 9th. Nevertheless, it was abundantly clear that the Carol Stream Police officers, whose faces and identities were withheld, acted with depraved hearts, recklessly and in violation of Isaac's constitutional rights when they shot and murdered an unarmed Black man while he was quietly in the bedroom of his own apartment.

"The family demands the full and unredacted videos be immediately released to the public and that the Village of Carol Stream and the DuPage County State's Attorney's Office take immediate steps to hold the Carol Stream Police Department and its officers accountable. The family is devastated by what they saw and heard on the police body-cam videos. Further, the family anxiously awaits the results of the internal investigation by the Public Integrity Unit of the DuPage Metropolitan Emergency Response and Investigative Team and demands the full truth be told about Isaac's murder at the hands of those who took an oath to protect him. The family of Isaac Goodlow III demands those who committed these heinous acts be prosecuted to the ends of justice and will not be silent or rest until those responsible are held to account."

The village of Carol Stream has said previously that they desire to proceed in a transparent manner, and they said they remain committed to sharing the most relevant video footage with the public as soon as possible.