Forget snacks, 8-story glass vending machine dispenses cars

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Thursday, December 15, 2016
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An eight-story glass car vending machine is now open along the Katy Freeway.

HOUSTON -- We were amazed when the vending machine graduated from candy and soda to iPods and cell phones, but a new vending machine in west Houston dispenses an even more coveted commodity: used cars.

Carvana's glass-enclosed Houston Car Vending Machine, the nation's largest, towers eight stories over the Katy Freeway and is capable of storing up to 30 vehicles.

VIDEO: Carvana machine in action

Before heading out to claim their new whip, car owners take care of purchasing and financing on their own through the Carvana website. Upon arrival, customers are given an oversized token -- reminiscent of coins in a more traditional vending machine -- that sets the fully automated delivery process into motion.

Each car will travel down to the futuristic structure's ground level, at which point it is transported into the delivery bay, where the customer takes possession.

VIDEO: Car travels through vending machine

The Houston machine is the company's second; Carvana opened its first automobile vending machine in Nashville last year, although the Houston operation is three stories taller and contains and additional delivery bay.