'Chance the Snapper' trapper Frank Robb has a new book, 'Our American Alligator'

Sunday, September 13, 2020
'Chance the Snapper' trapper Frank Robb has a new book, 'Our American Alligator'
The trapper who captured the Humboldt Park alligator 'Chance the Snapper' is now the toast of the town.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The alligator catcher who successfully caught the gator in Humbolt Park last summer is now helping to teach people about the reptiles he handles in his new book "Our American Alligator."

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After more than a week of evading trappers, an elusive alligator named Chance the Snapper by fans has finally been caught.

Frank Robb from the Environmental Education Awareness Research Support and Services joined ABC7 to talk about his new book.

"I learned the trade from my uncle," Robb said.

Robb said that coming to Chicago has had a great impact on him.

"The kindness and love of that city has really changed my life," Robb said.

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From T-shirts to bobbleheads, the saga of "Chance the Snapper" and Alligator Robb continues with a new coloring book.

Everything you ever wondered about the American alligator is now in one book, Robb said.

"Being able to put good information out about an animal that doesn't get a lot of good information and that really need a voice with a book like this and being able to talk about this on a public scale, it's amazing," he said. "I hope that it's making a difference."

"I'm trying to give really these animals a voice that they haven't ever had," Robb said.