Chicago cabbies pose for not so sexy calendar

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Next time you jump into a taxi take a good look at your cabbie. He might be famous.

Twelve men were chosen for the 2016 Chicago Taxi Calendar. It's not your typical playboy calendar: just an eclectic mix of drivers that get Chicagoans from Point A to Point B. Cabbie Melissa Callahan is behind the half fun and half serious project.

"It's the calendar that we've been creating for three years in order to raise funds for a case that we filed against the city of Chicago for violating the minimum wage," Melissa Callahan, Cab Drivers for Justice, said.

How would she describe the men inside?

"Sexy or not so sexy cabdrivers are in the calendar," she said.

Cab drivers say they have so many regulations and rules that they should also have benefits. The good sense of humor calendar is how the group hopes to pay legal fees.

Callahan said she had no trouble finding the 12 cabbie hunks. Mr. July George Kasp has been driving for 43 years. He said he loves his job- and posing for the calendar.

"You can see what you want there but everyone is covered discreetly," Kasp said.

The $14.99 calendar is available online at

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