Chicago Firehouse Restaurant hosts brunch for International Firefighters Appreciation Day

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Thursday, May 4, 2023
Chicago Firehouse Restaurant says thank you to firefighters
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The Chicago Firehouse Restaurant held a special brunch for International Firefighters Appreciation Day.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Thursday is International Firefighters Appreciation Day and in Chicago, a special gathering is honoring firefighters.

The Chicago Firehouse Restaurant in the South Loop is hosting the event Thursday morning on International Firefighters Appreciation Day.

The day was created back in 1999 after five firefighters died tragically during a wildfire in Australia.

The restaurant located at 14th Street and Michigan Avenue was featured in the movie "Backdraft" and was formerly a working firehouse.

One hundred and four firefighters are being honored here by Ignite The Spirit, which is a non- profit organization that supports firefighters and their families in need.

Children from nearby Old St. Mary's School will present the firefighters with a hand painted canvas.

Meanwhile, the two Chicago fire houses that lost recent members will be at the restaurant.

"They reached out to us at a time when we have had a rough year, lost two brothers this year," CFD Squad 1 Captain Sal Mastrodominco said. "It means a lot that someone form the community would reach out."

Lieutenant Jan Tchoryk and firefighter Jermaine Pelt lost their lives in the line of duty last month.

The venue is decorated with balloons and a band is entertaining guests.

For more information and to donate to Ignite The Spirit, visit