The Margarita Flights are preparing for lift off!

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Monday, June 1, 2020
Grab your boarding pass for this margarita flight
If margaritas are your passion then this video is for you.

JOLIET, Ill. -- Everyone has a variation of the type of flights they do, beer flights, champagne flights, they might do Mimosa flights; but one place in Joliet says they bring it to a different level with margarita flights.

Dock at Inwood in the Chicago suburb of Joliet is a family restaurant owned by Rick Trafton, his wife Julia, and brother and sister-in-law Mike and Melissa.

Everyone likes a good Margarita, but this family group said they feel they have the best Margarita out of them all.

"It's our own recipe, from the sour, to the syrups, and we always knew it was a good concept. We just didn't know how we were going to get it to take off," Trafton said.

One of the niches they ventured into when they created their business was the concept of margarita flights.

You're not locked into any one flavor; just pick four different flavors out of 20 flavors they offer. Five ounces per glass. Twenty total ounces.

But it's not just their margaritas you'll want to stop in for.

"We have salads, smoke foods, we do burgers, we do chicken we do fish. We have a great kitchen staff that does a wonderful job for us," Trafton said.

However, when the pandemic hit, it threw a wrench in their plan.

"When we got the word that we're gonna have to close down, per the governor's order, I'm like, 'we have to find a way to get our margarita flights going if there's a way legally to do it.' It's something I thought we needed to do," Trafton said.

Now, you can order your flight from the comfort of your home.

"So this is how you board your flight. When you go order online which we recommend, you'll pull up the drink portion the menu, and it'll have a boarding pass on it," he said. "The boarding pass will show all of our flavors. click on four of the flavors you like out of the twenty available flavors. And then we put them into four Styrofoam cups that are loaded up with the flavors, and then we attach the liquor bottles on the side, so when you get it home, you're ready to board your flight."

When Dock at Inwood reopens, their patio will be available for both humans and their furry counterparts.

"So being pet lovers when we opened last year, we knew we had a great patio. We let people bring their dogs on weekends and enjoy this Frisbee feast," Trafton said.

Until then, you can also get your pets a curbside treat to help them get through the unprecedented time.

"My wife came up with the idea, we should do the curbside frisbee feast for the dogs," he said. "People pull up with their dog in the backseat they order their frisbee feast and it's the bring smiles everyone's face and you know if that's the least we can do now to make everyone happy and smile, I feel like we've accomplished our mission with that."

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