Chicago man's murder conviction officially vacated after nearly 25 years in prison

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Tuesday, November 15, 2022
Chicago man officially exonerated after wrongful murder convction
Edwin Davila was officially exonerated by a Cook County judge for wrongful conviction for muder. Now a grandfather, he served more than 24 years in prison.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Edwin Davila's 1995 murder conviction was officially vacated by a Cook County judge Tuesday, the 35th overturned conviction tied to disgraced former CPD detective Reynaldo Guevara.

"I have mixed emotions, because I'm happy I'm free but it's taken so long," Davila said outside of court.

"The false charges against Edwin Davila have been vacated," said his attorney Russell Ainsworth with the Exoneration Project. "The charges have been dismissed but the hurt and pain of that wrongful conviction remain."

Davila had already served his entire 24 and a half year sentence by the time he found justice, and was released only two years ago. He missed his son's birth and most of his son's life.

"To grow up without my father figure, to grow up without that and to finally have it and put this behind u, not really behind us, it will always be with us, but this is a big step," said Edwin Davila, Jr.

"I've always claimed I'm innocent from the first day, but nobody ever listened until now," Davila said.

Davila is now a grandfather and looks forward to getting his record cleared so he can get housing and work. He was cheered on by other Guevara exonerees leaving court.

Davila said he recalls seeing reports about other exonerees while in prison. And he has a message for those still waiting for justice.

"The less is never give up. Never give up. That's the one thing: I never gave up," he said.