South Side crossing guard reunited with CPD officer who helped save her life after collapsing on the job

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A crossing guard has a lot to the thankful for going into the holiday this week after she collapsed on the job and was revived by a Chicago police officer.

The two were reunited Monday for the first time since the incident last week.

Last Wednesday morning, Melissa Schofield reported for duty as a crossing guard near St. John Fisher School in the Beverly neighborhood. Part of her routine is chatting with Chicago police officer Mary Ellen Meuris, who parks nearby to keep an eye out for people speeding down the busy section of 103 street.

However, that morning Officer Meuris had to spring into action after Schofield slipped and hit her head, causing her to become unresponsive, as she was helping children cross the street.

"I could not find her breath and I could not see her chest rising, and to be honest I believed that we were at a scary point," Officer Meuris described.

Meuris, a 17-year veteran of the department, called for help and was immediately assisted by fellow officers from the 22nd District in Morgan Park.

Officer Meuris said she had a hard time finding Schofield's pulse and admits she was scared.

"I was shaken up so it could have been on my end that I didn't feel it," she said.

Two different women passing the scene stopped and helped Officer Meuris find Scholfield's pulse before she was rushed to the hospital.

Now seeing each other again, they both say it was an emotional experience. One that has brought them together.

"It was a very surreal thing," Officer Meuris said. "To have been talking to her then to perform CPR on her."

"What she did to make sure I was OK and safe, it means the world to me," Schofield said.

Officer Meuris said she greatly appreciates the two women who stopped to help her find Schofield's pulse. She said if they hear this story to please contact the 22nd District in Morgan Park so she can connect with them.
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