Chicago FOP salutes police officer battling terminal cancer

ByStephanie Wade WLS logo
Tuesday, August 23, 2022
Chicago FOP salutes police officer battling terminal cancer
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Chicago police paid tribute to Officer "Maggie" Lichwala, who is battling terminal cancer.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Dozens of officers lined the street and sidewalk Tuesday morning for a police officer suffering from terminal cancer.

They sent Officer "Maggie" Lichwala some love and appreciation for her service to the city and to her brothers and sisters in blue.

They had bagpipes playing and handed her roses. Active and retired officers as well as both friends and supporters of police came to let Maggie feel supported in her battle.

They decorated her home with signs that say "We love you Maggie," placing balloons and hearts in the yard. Blue ribbons were also tied around trees that line the street here.

Just a beautiful show of support for the beloved officer, her close friends said

"This woman lived it," Miriam Rentas said. "She talked it. She walked it. And she loved the people, especially the elders. She loved her elders. She loved every individual and she is just an amazing daughter. She is an amazing mother, an amazing friend and an amazing sister and she truly is the definition of what it is to just love."

Fellow officers describe her as someone with no mean bone in her body. She worked tirelessly as an officer, even while battling cancer and just has a huge heart for people.

"She never knew how much she was loved. She always said 'I didn't make a difference,' and she even told me that she failed. That she did lose the battle," Rentas said. "I advised her that no you did not lose the battle. You have shown us what it is to truly fight."

Even while fighting cancer, Lichwala worked tirelessly as an officer.

"Right after chemo, she was the only individual that I know to have gone to work," Rentas said. "It did not stop her."

Her friends said she will be remembered as a beloved mother, sister and friend.