North Mayfair shootout caught on video

Tuesday, May 26, 2015
North Mayfair shootout caught on video
A sunny weekend afternoon on Chicago?s Northwest Side erupted in gunfire and it was caught on camera.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A sunny weekend afternoon on Chicago's Northwest Side erupted in gunfire and it was caught on camera. Detectives are now using the tape to try and track down the gunmen.

The shooting on the 4400-block of West Gunnison in the city's North Mayfair neighborhood was recorded on what appears to have been a camera mounted on the dashboard of a parked car. The video gives an inside look at the bold nature of the shooting that happened in the middle of the street on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

A man appears to be shouting at a person or people behind a car when he pulls a gun and fires five times. He and the car retreat down the street before the man fires three more shots. Then, he jumps in the car and speeds off.

It appears a total of eight shots were fired in less than 15 seconds.

Faiz Methana says his 9-year-old nephew was nearly hit by the gunfire. Two of the bullets hit his apartment.

"It went through the window, the living room, through the bedroom where the kid was playing with his iPad and it stopped in the bedroom," Mathena said.

Chicago Police confirm they are investigating what detectives think was an "exchange of gunfire," meaning the man shown in the video was not the only one shooting.

The shooting has residents worried, but also the brazenness of the shooters, who opened fire at 3 o'clock on a Saturday afternoon in a community crowded with kids.

"I'm shocked someone would just all of a sudden start shooting randomly on a neighborhood corner," said resident Mark Borgmann.

"If somebody was sitting right by the sofas, the bullets would've went through his head," said Methana. "It would've been very devastating."

No one was injured in the shooting. Residents said Chicago Police have been taking the video door-to-door, asking them whether they can identify the man seen on tape.