Chicago Tribune crime reporter carjacked in Bridgeport

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Chicago Tribune crime reporter was carjacked early Monday morning in the Bridgeport neighborhood.

Police said the 29 year-old woman was sitting inside her parked car outside of a Dunkin Donuts shop near 31st and Halsted streets when two men tapped on her driver's side window. They told her to get out of the car and then took off in her late model Chevy Malibu sedan.

The carjacking happened at 2:30 a.m. across the street from the 9th District Police Station. The woman wasn't hurt and police said the carjackers didn't show a weapon or say they had one.

Crime watch member Tommy Alvarez in the neighborhood spoke to the 29-year-old woman after it happened.

"She told me two fellas came and told her get out of the car and she panicked and she let them take the car and came inside Dunkin Donuts but they had no weapons on them, she says, they just took the whole car," Alvarez said.

This adds to the long list of recent carjackings sweeping the city including one on Friday in the Bucktown neighborhood in broad daylight as a woman was parking her BMW in her garage. It has many watching over their shoulders.

"Well it's scary. I live on Aberdeen and about three or four weeks ago they said there was another carjacking down there off of 31st street so it's scary," Bridgeport neighborhood resident Emelyn Maleki said.

"I definitely try to do most of my shopping during the day but of course anything can happen," Bridgeport resident Kim Crittenden said.

The victim left her wallet and laptop in the car. She was not injured.

Police canvassed the strip mall for surveillance video. Cameras could be seen mounted on a nearby CVS store. It's unclear if police were able to retrieve any video of the crime.

No one was in custody Monday.

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A Chicago Tribune crime reporter became a crime victim Monday morning in Bridgeport.

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