Neighborhood decorates for Christmas in support of child with terminal cancer

CINCINATTI, Ohio -- An Ohio family is celebrating Christmas in September.

Brody Allen has a smile that can light up a room, but in May, his parents noticed something was wrong.

"He was very, very dizzy, wasn't able to stand. He kept leaning to the left," said Brody's dad, Todd Allen told WCPO in Cincinnati.

An exam at Cincinatti Children's Hospital found four brain tumors.

"Only 300 people in the world have ever had this type. It's virtually untreatable," Todd Allen said. "Very, very aggressive. And, it's embryonal which means that it was with him from the very, very beginning."

Brody spent 98 days in the hospital for treatment, but it was unsuccessful. Five weeks ago, doctors gave him two months to live.

"Day by day. Moment by moment. And, you guys see him. He's happy. He's enjoying life. And that's how we're going to spend our days," Todd Allen said.

The family decided to celebrate Christmas immediately, with holiday decorations, Brody's stocking, and family surrounding the little boy.

"This is him. He's happy. So, I want him to be happy," said Brody's mom, Shilo Allen. "I work every day to make him happy."

Neighbors have gotten involved in the cause, asking everyone in the neighborhood to decorate for Brody.

"I don't know how we could have gotten through so much of what we've been through without our community," Todd Allen said.
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