Will cicadas harm your lawn? Landscaping expert shares pros and cons of the insects

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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Will cicadas harm your lawn?
Landscaping expert Dan Klindera shared tips for managing the number of cicadas in your yard, and why they may not be that bad.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- All the buzz about cicada season has landscapers preparing.

The insects will be all over the Chicago area beginning in mid-May.

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Dan Klindera from landscape company Premier joined ABC7 Chicago Wednesday to share some tips about managing the cicada invasion.

Klindera said cicadas are not all bad, and they may actually be good for your lawn.

"The cicadas are living right now in the soil, and, as they emerge, they create tunnels; they're going to be aerating your lawn for you," he said.

The noise from the giant horde of bugs may bother you, but Klindera said the insects will not harm your lawn.

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Cicadas emerge to live out their life cycle over a few months, and when they die their bodies add nutrients to the soil.

Chemical pesticides are not recommended to get rid of cicadas because they will also kill beneficial insects and harm pollinators. There is also no guarantee that they will work.

"There's actually no pesticides that are labeled for controlling cicadas," he said.

Klindera said one way to limit the amount of cicadas in your yard is to cut down small branches where cicadas may lay eggs.

"When you're pruning those out, those eggs are not going to hatch and the nymphs go back into the soil. So you're kind of preparing for the next 17 years," he said.