ComEd goats tour downtown Chicago after 2 weeks clearing vegetation near LaSalle County power lines

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Tuesday, August 29, 2023
ComEd goats tour downtown Chicago
Goats in downtown Chicago are a bit more of an unusual sight than they were a century ago, but they were on display Tuesday to draw attention to their important work for ComEd.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- While it may not have been unusual to see goats in downtown Chicago more than a century ago, when farmland was more plentiful than skyscrapers, these days they draw more than a few second looks, and visitors to Pioneer Court, where they were on display Tuesday to draw attention to their work for ComEd.

These goats and some of their friends just finished a two week stint clearing hard-to-reach vegetation near power lines in LaSalle County by doing what they do best: eating.

ComEd said the goats play a critical role in helping to avoid power outages due to overgrown vegetation near power lines.

"You don't have to have people out there. It takes a lot longer when it's rough conditions, you have to bring in heavy equipment and there's a safety risk there," said Shannon Breymaier, vice president of communications for ComEd.

ComEd is hoping to spread the message that goats are not just reliable, but eco-friendly.

The goats also got a tour, along with media, down Michigan Avenue and through the Loop, courtesy of a flatbed truck powered by electricity. The goats were the center of attention, and that's just fine with ComEd.

"It doesn't get much easier that to put a bunch of goats to do what they do best, which is clear the vegetation," said Breymaier.

After their three weeks of hard work chowing down in LaSalle County, the goats are all headed back to the farm in Orland Park until next summer.